Real Bugs Specimen STEM Set

Get up close and discover a bug’s life! A set of real bugs, beautifully preserved in clear acrylic blocks with mini magnifying glass, fun fact sheet and poster.

  • A four piece set of insects and arachnids, a magnifying glass, fun fact sheet and poster
  • Perfect for discovering interesting creatures, the set includes a scarab beetle, stag beetle, spider and scorpion. You won’t see some of those in your garden anytime soon!
  • Kit lets kids get up close and personal with these little critters, identifying each with the help of the full colour poster and fun fact sheet
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years+
  • Top rated 4.6 stars on Amazon

Insect Specimen and Slides STEM Kit

The perfect insect introduction for inquisitive minds. Making science and nature fun, children can identify different insects and discover how their body parts are used.

  • Set includes 12 clear optical glass slides of body parts of 8 different insects and a specimen of a real beetle
  • Fact-packed postcards included with details of each body part and its uses - designed to help scientific thinking
  • Insects included: honey bee, butterfly, mole cricket, water beetle, locust, house fly, cockroach and mosquito
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years+
  • Top rated 4.5 stars on Amazon

Discover Nature Microscope Slide Set

The perfect accessory for mini scientists! This set of 48 slides featuring animals, insects, plants and flowers is ideal for microscope enthusiasts with a keen interest in nature.

  • 48 different slides to inspect, plus a whole, beautiful butterfly specimen
  • Four boxes of 12 slides, each with a different category including: flowers and plants, vegetables, insects and animals
  • Whole butterfly can be inspected or used to create mini-specimen slides of your own
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years+
  • Top rated 4.5 stars on Amazon