We’re a bunch of inquisitive people who love to create. We’re fascinated by how children are curious about nature, and we want to stimulate them to build on that and go beyond mere discovery. We want to help them to understand that, if approached the right way, learning can be fun. In our eyes, STEM play is an essential part of a children’s education and upbringing. Our products are designed with STEM at the forefront, making education and discovery fun and rewarding.


Our mission

We built WhizKidsLab to achieve the following:

  • Create products that aid children, their families, and others involved in their development
  • Only offering high quality products that nourish children’s minds and hearts and by adhering to the highest standards in production and practices
  • Fostering an environment that strengthens our employees’ desire to give their best efforts every day

How we work

At WhizKidsLab, we are constantly on the lookout for new products that will stimulate our children. So much so that we dedicate a lot of our time researching and developing ideas that we can turn into games, toys and sets to provide education and enjoyment. Here’s how we bring our ideas and inspirations through to our products.



We have a team of people that are passionate about nature, science and education. It’s this fantastic team whose job it is to find the next WhizKidsLab product. All of our products have to fit the STEM framework so that’s where we start. We also work with families, child carers and of course children themselves to find out out what they find interesting. If that research fits with our ideas, they make it through to the next stage.


The development part of our business is probably the most important. This is where we take an initial idea and really roadtest it. We see if it’s feasible enough to make it into an actual product before we source appropriate suppliers and put them through rigorous testing procedures. Only then, once we are 100% satisfied, do we launch the product.

Here’s what our customers think of our products

“Fantastic product, exactly what I was looking for. My kids got microscopes for Christmas, these slides have given them loads to look at and explore.”

“What an amazing starter for a young entomologist. My 4 year old grandson loves it. Not a single bubble in the resin and four perfect specimens.”

“Birthday boy love them and wants to collect more of these little critters.”

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more about WhizKidsLab, you can get in touch with us here: info@whizkidslab.com